Sinclair Marketing LLC

outsourced sales optimization



What We Do

With over 25 year's experience, we offer comprehensive services covering all aspects of the market entry process.  We provide specific information on market size and opportunities, competitors, sales channels and successful practices in targeted markets.  We take "new" products to market, or "established" products into new markets.  We customize a national network of experienced sales professionals tailored to your unique products and target customers.  Our experience allows us to quickly determine our client's needs, and our industry relationships provide proven results in the marketplace. 

Making the leap from your normal business model to selling U.S. retailers requires more than an appropriate product range.  In addition to individual product needs, retailers have differing requirements for profit margins, advertising and merchandising programs, freight terms, labeling, payment terms, warehousing requirements, EDI, etc.  Mistakes result in charge backs and unprofitable programs - our network of proven professionals prevent negative cash flow situations. 

Within 180 days our business model will provide answers to the critical questions that must be answered before considering making the investments required to approach the retail market.
  • What accounts?
  • Market Size?
  • How much potential?
  • What products?
  • At what price?
  • What program is needed?
  • What about packaging?
  • Seasonality?
  • Cost of Sales?
  • Investment? 

With input from key decision makers, we create a marketing strategy for success - which requires a clear product roadmap and distribution strategy.  We work with new clients to deliver a customized product roadmap and distribution strategy that fit the needs of accounts and market segments, while protecting the client's margin requirements.