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About Us

About Ron Hobbs, President & CEO

Ron Hobbs, founder of Sinclair Marketing, has over 25 years experience in the houswares, hardware, automotive, bath, and seasonal categories.  Various management positions have resulted in broad and in-depth knowledge of all segments of corporate management.  In addition to traditional sales and marketing functions, other areas of expertise include sales and financial forecasting, cash flow management, financial reporting, importing, customs, product sourcing, freight, warehousing, customer service, and packaging.



About Susan Hobbs, Vice President U.S.

Susan has an extensive career as a National Account Specialist active in the FoodService, Hospitality, Retail, Entertainment, Supermarket and C-store industries.  She's worked with hundreds of major corporations across the U.S. selling and overseeing major national account business.




About David Greetham, Europe & Far East

Based in Paris, David has extensive knowledge of the retail world in Europe, Russia, The Far East and Middle East.  With over 20 years experience setting up Agents and Distributors for various European companies, David provides a wealth of knowledge for companies ready to go worldwide.