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Sinclair Marketing LLC

Together we will grow your business

Our Mission

  • To establish a strategic partnership with our clients, resulting in the profitable placement of their products into the marketing mix of all targeted U.S. retailers.
  • To meet the goals of the partnership through a strategic product roadmap and distribution plan.
  • To execute sales results through the hiring and management of a nationwide sales force equipped with high level contacts into target accounts/markets

Our Concept

Today's business climate requires that all new opportunities require minimal investment of both staff and finances.  The flexibility and cost-effectiveness of our services help our clients streamline resources, maximizing their time and money.  We function as an integral part of your company, managing the day to day sales and marketing aspects of your business.  We leverage our competencies in sales and product management to provide solutions and results, allowing our clients to focus on their core business. 


Success Stories

COMPANY "A" - Cut expenses by 65% by moving the sales management function from in house personnel to Sinclair Marketing

COMPANY "B" - A $5 billion US company hired Sinclair Marketing to introduce a new product range to high end retailers - as a result of our success the range grew to $25 million in less than 5 years

COMPANY "C" - A European based company hired Sinclair Marketing to introduce a new range into the US - within 6 months we had placement in a large catalog company, Sky Mall,  and online in several retailer web sites.